Festival Internacional de la Imagen - INTER/SPECIES

Soundscape performances 432Hz and Dendritiformis (with [Phylum]) Selected to Produce for the Festival

Festival organized in Manizales, Colombia. Festival will be completely virtual on May 24 to 28, 2021.

432Hz is a live, generative sound scape performance that utilizes the act of training neural networks to generate various soundwaves that evolve over time and fluctuate between the harmonic and the discordant. The piece explores the aesthetics of sound and movement expressed as data in order to create an experience of this information into generative imagery and computer-generated sound waves. In the past, tuning pitches tended to vary widely before tuning was standardized and based on the 440 Hz frequency. Before this standardization, this pitch was expressed in lower frequencies, and for a time, composers promoted a scientific pitch based on 256 Hz or 432 Hz. 432Hz is an exploration of these tuning frequencies and how sound is expressed through these numerical relationships. The multimedia performance consists of generative imagery that evolves over time and mapped to computer generated sound waves. Various soundwaves or oscillators expressed by the computer through assignment of these numerical values, are layered and altered throughout the performance by a custom digital synthesizer created by the artist. The synthesizer is also a custom built neural network that the performer trains throughout the performance to learn to generate a combination of various sine wave frequencies.

Fulbright US Scholar Award: 2020-2021

Fulbright Austria - Q21 Museums Quartier Artist in Residence Award for Project Transcoded Ecologies

In the Museums Quartier Artists Studios from March to May 2021.

The Fulbright Scholars Austria award is specific to give artists who work with contemporary media across various creative fields a unique opportunity to work in residence at MuseumsQuartier Wein. MQ is located in central Vienna and encompasses 60 cultural institutions and a large hub for culture and arts in Austria. The award includes studio space within Q21, an organization that provides work spaces for creatives within MQ. During the Fulbright award period, DiBlasi will research and develop technology and a new artwork that explores the specific natural environments in the forests around Vienna.

Transcoded Ecologies is a creative project that investigates areas of biodata, digital networks, and computer-generated sound and light. These broad topics will be addressed through experimentation and production of a new artwork as well as the technology that makes the work possible. The proposed project will involve the development and the installation of an artwork that uses biosensors to gather data and translate it various forms of audio and visual output. The project explores the aesthetics of data and of the site’s electronic infrastructure in order to create an expression of this information into generative light and sound.



Ultrachromogenic prints, LCD monitors, Digital broadcast antenna

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Multi-channel video

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Performance, television, single-channel video

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Johnny DiBlasi aims to explore
a dynamic range of art-making processes.
Through a research-based practice, he wishes to investigate intersections between
art and technology.